While the job of a dentist is to keep your teeth healthy, sometimes a tooth simply cannot be saved and an extraction becomes necessary. Severe cavities, tooth infections, gum disease and malformed teeth are common reasons for tooth extraction procedures. Although tooth extraction is safe, the procedure can allow harmful bacteria into the bloodstream. Once the procedure at the dentist clinic is over, you will need some time to recover. Follow these tactics to minimise discomfort after your tooth extraction procedure.

Bite Down Gently On Gauze

The dentist may put some gauze over the extracted area to ease the pressure caused by the procedure. You will need to bite down gently on this gauze every few minutes to ease the pressure and pain of the area. Biting down on gauze also helps to to reduce the bleeding over time. Leave the gauze pad in place for at least a few hours after the extraction. Keep in mind that you will need to change the gauze pads frequently because they become soaked with blood over time.

Apply An Ice Pack To Reduce Swelling

If you feel any pain or discomfort after your tooth extraction procedure, apply an ice pack instantly. The ice pack reduces pain-causing swelling and eases your discomfort. You may need to apply an ice pack over regular intervals based on the extent of your pain and swelling. Avoid eating foods after the tooth extraction procedure because this could cause the area to swell more than usual. When you start eating again, eat only soft foods until the pain goes away.

Rinse Your Mouth With Salt And Warm Water

Salt water temporarily creates an alkaline environment to kill bacteria and soothe pain in the tooth extracted area. Rinsing with salt water is a good way to cleanse your mouth and promote healing. You simply need to add a pinch of salt to a cup of warm water and rinse your mouth with it every few hours to ease the pain in the area.

Consume Pain Medication As Prescribed

Your dentist may recommend some pain medication after your tooth extraction procedure, so be sure to follow instructions to avoid living with the pain. If your dentist hasn't prescribed any pain medication, you may be able to pick up some over-the-counter medication to temporarily ease your pain. If the pain still doesn't disappear, you may need to contact your dentist for a stronger dose of medication until your discomfort subsides.

Tooth extraction procedures take several months to completely heal, but your pain should go away in a few days. Follow the instructions of your dentist and use these tactics to minimise discomfort after your tooth extraction procedure.