It's probably safe to say that most people think of visiting a cosmetic dentist in order to improve their overall appearance; this can mean bleaching teeth so they're whiter and look cleaner or correcting an overbite and crooked teeth. There is nothing wrong with these procedures for the sake of your looks, but a cosmetic dentist can actually perform some procedures that protect your oral health. Note why you might consider seeing a cosmetic dentist for more than just the appearance of your teeth.

Covering severe cavities

Some cavities in teeth are so deep and extensive that your dentist may not be able to simply fill them; there may not be enough of the natural tooth left over to hold the filling in place. That cavity can hold germs, bacteria and food particles that are difficult to get out with standard brushing, and you may be at risk for losing the tooth. A cosmetic dentist can cover the tooth with a cap or crown, which is a permanent fixture that is glued over the tooth. This keeps out bacteria and germs and helps to protect what little bit of the natural tooth you have left.

Building up teeth set back from the jaw line

If you have teeth that are set back from the rest of your teeth in the jaw line, a cosmetic dentist might build them up by applying a veneer or bonding agent over the front or putting a cap over them as mentioned above. This can make your teeth look straight, but note that teeth need to rest on each other properly for support and to avoid erosion. A tooth that is set back may not be giving support to other teeth and they may actually begin to come loose. Covering the tooth gives this support to surrounding teeth and protects them.

Replacing a missing tooth

When a tooth is missing that exposed area of the gums can hold more germs and bacteria that you may not get with brushing, as the tissue may become sensitive and therefore difficult to clean. A bridge can cover this area and keep your mouth healthy, but you can still get food particles trapped under this bridge or find it uncomfortable. A dental implant can be a permanent replacement for this tooth that you clean when you brush the rest of your teeth and which can ensure that your jaw bone is always be stimulated, also keeping it healthy and strong over the years.