If you have a bed and breakfast in an area surrounded by lots of little towns and you are one of the only towns with a dentist, you may occasionally get a guest who stays in your B&B while getting dental work done. To that end, you should find unique ways to reach this income stream and to make the experience comfortable for them. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

1. Advertise at the dental clinic.

If you know that people travel to a dental clinic  like Bruce Stevens Dental in your area, see if you can advertise your B&B at the clinic. For example, hang a poster on the bulletin board in the lobby if they have one. Alternatively, offer to sponsor something like toothbrushes, and have your B&B's name and address printed on the toothbrushes the dentist gives to his clients.

2. Offer deals to dental patients.

Nobody likes to have dental work done, so you may as well make it a bit more comfortable for the dental patients who stay in your facility. Offer to give them a discount -- after all as most dental work happens during the week, they are likely coming on the days when you don't have as many tourists.

3. Create a calming atmosphere for post dental work.

Similarly, try to focus on creating a calming atmosphere. If you have a room that is the quietest in the home, offer that to the people who have gotten dental work. In addition, create a cozy place for people to recover from their dental work. If you like, you can even stock the kitchen with the types of foods someone is likely to eat after a dental surgery. That can include soft soups, ice creams, smoothies and the like. Having these types of things on offer allows you to fill a real niche need with your B&B.

4. Stock extra dental necessities.

For your lodgers who are travelling for dental work and for anyone else who stays in your facility, stock a few extra dental necessities. Have a few toothbrushes on hand as well as floss, toothpaste and mouth rinse. Guests enjoy these extra perks when they have forgotten things at home.

5. Have names and numbers of dental emergencies.

Finally, you should have the names and numbers of dentists in your area who do emergency work. Regardless of why someone is staying at your facility, if they have a dental emergency, this information may be critical.