If you feel anxious or fearful every time you have to make an appointment and go to the dentist, you fall amongst the 16 percent of Australians that suffer from major dental fear. To ease the symptoms of your condition, look for a dental clinic that specialises in treating dental phobia. Not only will they have a more relaxing environment, but the staff are trained on how to use systematic desensitisation techniques to help you power through your appointment. This article will look at 3 common techniques used in systematic desensitisation.

Relaxation Therapy to Help You Unwind

Dental clinics that use systematic desensitisation techniques will ask that you go in for your appointment much earlier than what you might be accustomed to. There are several different types of relaxation therapy you might undergo, but one of the most popular techniques is known as progressive muscle relaxation. Basically, you'll be ushered to a private room where you will be asked to tense up specific muscle groups for 8 seconds before releasing the tension within the muscles and relaxing for 15 seconds. Several minutes of relaxation therapy can help you unwind and feel less tense.

Conscious Imaging to Visualise a More Positive Experience

Staff members at the dental clinic will also walk you step-by-step through the procedure from walking out of the door to walking down the hallway to getting into the dental chair. You'll be well-aware of each step. They will then ask you what your concerns are and ask that you make a conscious effort to imagine a more positive experience. Conscious imaging may also be implemented when you're sitting in the dental chair. The dentist may ask that you imagine yourself somewhere else and will only start the procedure when you fully submerge yourself within your thoughts.

Positive Self Talk to Boost Your Mood

Surprisingly, support from others can help you get through dental phobia. Before your appointment, a staff member will deliberately make conversation with you to incite positive self-talk. For example, they might want you to focus on just how responsible you are for making an appointment to ensure that your dental and oral hygiene doesn't worsen. Dental clinics that specifically deal with patients suffering from dental phobia also train their staff members to maintain a positive appearance and spirit at all times.

Going to the dentist doesn't have to be a chore or a painful experience as long as you find the right dental clinic. If you've been neglecting your dental and oral health due to the fact that you suffer from dental phobia, make sure you talk with a dentist at a clinic like Care Dental to see how you can improve your coping techniques.