To ensure the oral health of your child as they grow up, a dentist may need to carry out tooth extractions from time to time. This may be necessary to remove decaying teeth, cavities, or cracked/infected teeth. Tooth extractions may also be necessary to remove the temporary set of teeth and leave room for the growth of the permanent set. 

A tooth extraction can be quite stressful for your child. Even if anaesthesia is used to ease discomfort during the procedure, children are often scared of oral treatment. In addition, some pain and discomfort is likely to set in when the anaesthesia wears off after the tooth is removed. To ensure your child recovers well after a trip to the dentist, make sure you keep the following steps in mind.

Offer medication as prescribed

The dentist will typically prescribe medication such as painkillers and antibiotics for your child to take after their tooth is extracted. Make sure your child takes medication exactly as prescribed and that they don't miss any required dosage, especially during the first few days.

Use gauze/cotton wool to stop the bleeding

After a tooth is removed, a wound typically forms on the site and bleeding is likely to occur. To reduce the likelihood of excessive bleeding, have your child bite on a gauze or piece of cotton wool for about a 3-4 hour period. This will allow for a blood clot to be formed in the tooth socket and eventually stop the bleeding.

Children will often get restless during this stage, so it is important to monitor the gauze and change it before it becomes soaked.

Avoid vigorous brushing on the wound

It is important for your child to keep brushing their teeth, but they should not agitate the site of the wound. Regularly brushing the other teeth and the tongue keeps bacteria away from infecting the wounded site.

Make sure your child gets enough rest

A tooth extraction is both physically and emotionally draining. Make sure your child gets plenty of rest and does not engage in excessive physical activity at least for the first 2-3 days.

Control swelling

If you notice any swelling of your child's mouth at the site where the tooth was removed, you can apply an ice pack for brief periods at a time. Place the ice on the outer surface of the mouth near the extraction site for several minutes, and repeat the process a few times over.

Offer soft foods

To ensure the wound heals rapidly, avoid giving your child any solid foods. Instead, prepare a diet of soup, yoghurt, pudding, and water to make it easier for them to eat and remain hydrated.