When most people get dentures for the first time, they tend to assume that once the dentures are fitted, they will not need to get their dentures readjusted down the road. While readjustment is common during the first few weeks when you are becoming accustomed to the dentures, you should also note that you would still require relining over the years. The reason behind this is that even while your dentures may seem to be perfectly snug on your gums, there are several changes that will occur over time. Thus, how the dentures fit in your mouth will eventually change. If you have recently had your dentures fitted, here are a few reasons why you will require occasional relining.

Changes have occurred to your jawbone

Healthy teeth are not merely for an attractive smile and chewing. Your teeth also function to stimulate bone regeneration as well as secure your oral tissues in place. When you lose your teeth, you are at risk of bone loss since the roots of your teeth are not stimulating the jawbone. Resultantly, you could lose some bone density over time, which will necessitate the need for denture relining. Take note that your gums will also undergo various changes over time, which can cause your dentures to feel loose. Living with ill-fitting dentures puts you at risk of a host of oral problems such as fungal infections, gum irritation and so on. Hence, it is important to have these dentures relined possibly on an annual basis.

Normal wear of the dentures

Dentures, just like any other accessory or device that you can buy, will eventually capitulate to wear and tear. And when you take into consideration that you utilise these dentures every single day, it is not that surprising that they will become damaged, and this puts your gums at risk of harm from the worn-down dentures! It may seem tempting to try to adjust your dentures yourself so that they fit as well as they used to, but it is never recommended to do so, since you can damage the dentures further. Instead, you should see your dentist for denture relining, as this will restore the function of your dentures.

You are finding chewing difficult

Another reason why you should see your dentist about denture relining is if you are finding it challenging to chew anything you put in your mouth. If your dentures are coming loose when you are chewing, it means that they are not secured firmly over your gums. Thus, they start to shift whenever you move your gums, which can be both frustrating and embarrassing. If your dentures have started to feel loose, it is essential to have your dentist reline them.