For many years people have relied on dentures to replace missing teeth. This way, you don't have to worry about your looks and smile. Although dentures are a reliable option, you must be careful when using them. It's vital to follow the dentist's instructions to ensure they last long.  

One of the popular problems you may face if you use dentures is denture fracture. Dentures do get worn-out after years of use, mainly due to chewing. Additionally, when you take hot and cold foods and drinks, your dentures react to the temperature variations. The acid in the foods and beverages may also wear down your dentures, causing them to break. Other causes of broken dentures include lack of stability due to progressive loss of the jaw bone or incidental and accidental breakage. So, what should you do when your dentures break in half? Read on to know more.

Check the problem out

It is impossible to know the actual problem you have with your dentures if you don't look at them. So before you can think about denture repairs, determine what happened. You might be able to fix the issue if it's a minor one, but if the damage is significant, you'll need expert help.

Dentures can break in various ways — it could be a tooth break, part of the acrylic can fall, the denture may break in half or it may have cracks. When your denture breaks into half, your only option is to schedule an emergency meeting with your dentist so that the prosthodontist can conduct denture repairs.

Do some emergency repairs

If you notice that a false tooth is cracked, broken or that the pink acrylic wants to fall out, you can try fixing the issue temporarily as you prepare to visit your dentist. You will need a denture repair kit for this task, so visit your local pharmacy store and buy one. The kit will have bonding material and various teeth you can use to temporarily replace the one that fell out. Note that you can't use the kit to fix cracks; this task can only be done by a prosthodontist.

Talk to your dentist

Whether you have managed to fix the denture problem or not, it is vital to talk to your dentist. Tell them what happened and the measures you have taken then schedule an appointment as soon as you can. This way, the prosthodontist will fix the problem and ensure your dentures fit well and are comfy.