Orthodontic problems are among the most significant challenges that children, teenagers and even some adults deal with daily. These problems can make even the simplest activities, like eating and talking, very complicated. However, with a correct, timely diagnosis and the right assistance from qualified professionals, you can correct orthodontia and improve your life quality.

Here are three of the most common teeth alignment problems and how an orthodontist can help you fix them.

When You Have Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth is a common dental problem. Dental misalignment can be inborn or developed as your teeth and gums form. Misaligned teeth can also result from inadequate dental restoration procedures and misalignment of the jaw after an injury. Sometimes, misaligned teeth are also accompanied by pain and discomfort to the gum.

An orthodontist can use a variety of methods to correct teeth misalignment. These include installation of braces to correct tooth position, removal of overcrowded teeth and wires as well as plates to stabilize the jawbone among others.

When You Have a Crossbite

Crossbites are when your front upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. This awkward position is a result of improper positioning of the teeth and incorrect jaw development. The problem makes chewing difficult and also affects your speech.

The orthodontist will correct your crossbite using Invisalign, and in extreme cases, they will use wires and plates.

When You Have an Orthodontic Emergency

The first few days after getting braces are always the toughest. The irritation and inflammation are because the mouth is adjusting to the foreign objects in the mouth. However, as the mouth gets used to the braces, they become more comfortable. Accidents might happen, leading to injuries to your teeth and gums, but you should always consult an orthodontist when this happens. 

Apart from preventative orthodontic care, the orthodontist is the person to go to when you have an emergency. Common orthodontic emergencies include food getting caught between the brackets and wires when you have bracelets, loose brackets and wires, protruding wires that can harm the gums and cheek and ligatures coming off. An orthodontics professional will know the best treatment to offer to treat the injury and restore the function of the orthodontic aid you're wearing. 

The best time to correct orthodontic problems is when the patient is young. Call an orthodontist to help you diagnose and fix your tooth alignment problems. They will help you get back a beautiful smile and excellent function of the jaw.