Dental treatment procedures might be classified into two categories: simple and complex dental procedures.

  • Simple dental procedures — just because a dental procedure is classified as simple does not mean anyone can do it; you need to take a dentistry course and get training. The term "simple" means that the dental procedure is easy and quick to carry out and might not be highly invasive.
  • Complex dental procedures — these are the opposite of simple dental procedures. They can take longer and might be highly invasive. Some of them may even require surgery. Complex dental procedures require dental specialists to take technical dentistry courses and receive training. This helps the dentist gain the unique skills and experience required.

General Dentistry Services

These dental services will mostly fall under simple dental procedures. Examples of these procedures include:

Dental Exams

General dentists are trained to examine your gums and teeth, which leads to a diagnosis. Dental exams involve visual or physical inspection and dental X-rays.

Teeth Cleaning

It is not uncommon for you to notice staining on your teeth.; it may have been caused by various foods, an underlying condition or poor dental hygiene. A general dentist is qualified to offer dental cleaning services to remove the staining or any plaque accumulated over time.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, especially if a tooth has decayed beyond saving, a general dentist may recommend extraction. In some cases, a tooth might be severely damaged such that the only way to extract it is through surgery. General dentists may refer you to a specialist, especially if it appears like the surgery might be complex. Some general dentists may, however, be qualified to handle minor tooth extraction surgeries.

Tooth Fillings 

This is a dental procedure carried out during the early stages of tooth decay to fill the small hole that may have already started forming. If you delay treatment and the hole gets deeper, it reaches the pulp cavity (the third layer of your tooth that houses blood vessels and nerves). You might need the services of a dental specialist referred to as an endodontist to carry out a root canal.

Cosmetic Dentistry

These are dental services aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth. They involve simple teeth whitening procedures like bonding and teeth whitening gels.

Complex Dental Procedures

Treatments that fall under complex dental procedures include braces, root canals, dental implants, dentures, dental bridges, denture implants, dental veneers, etc.

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