As an alternative to fixed braces, Invisalign uses removable aligners to straighten your teeth. There is a lot of confusion over when you need to remove your aligners versus when you can leave them in place. Here are five common activities that you can do while wearing your aligners.

1. Drinking Water

Although you should remove your aligners to eat, you can leave them in place to consume water. When it comes to other liquids, the decision over whether to remove your aligners is personal. You should be aware that some liquids can cause stains to develop on the aligners. To remove this risk, you can either remove them while you enjoy your drink or drink through a straw to reduce the liquid's contact with the aligners.

2. Bathing and Showering

You can bathe and shower as usual while wearing your aligners. You only need to take them out in the bathroom so you can brush and floss your teeth. During this time, you should also clean your aligners using a soft toothbrush. The longer you wear your aligners, the more effective they are, so it's absolutely fine to put them back in before you slip into a relaxing bath.

3. Swimming

There is a persistent myth that you should not wear aligners to swim, but in fact, there is no reason to take them out before you get in the pool. Invisalign aligners are designed to stay securely in place, so you do not have to worry about them coming out when you dive or play in the water. There's no evidence that pool chemicals stain or damage aligners in any way.

4. Sport

As Invisalign aligners fit so securely, there's no need to remove them while you play most sports. However, wearing a mouthguard over Invisalign aligners can be very uncomfortable and lead to a poor mouthguard fit, so you should remove them for contact sports. Remember to place the aligners back on your teeth after the training session so they can continue to adjust your teeth.

5. Kissing

Many people worry that they won't be able to kiss while wearing Invisalign aligners, but this myth is not true at all. You can leave your aligners in place while kissing, so there is no need to worry about having to awkwardly take them out in the middle of an intimate situation. Your partner is unlikely to notice them due to their smooth texture and secure fit. 

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