Dental cleanings form a key part of any oral health care routine. This type of treatment removes plaque and tartar from your teeth and can help to prevent cavities and other dental problems. This blog post explores what happens during a professional dental cleaning and why it is so important for your oral health. Read on to discover more!

What is a professional dental cleaning?

Professional dental cleaning is a preventive procedure performed by a dentist or dental hygienist. Professional cleanings usually involve scaling, which is the process of removing tartar from the teeth. This is typically done with a scaler, which is a small hand-held tool, shaped small metal hook, that vibrates and breaks up the tartar. Scaling may be followed by polishing. This is carried out using a special toothbrush that vibrates at a high frequency to remove any stains. Sometimes, your dentist or hygienist may also recommend a fluoride treatment to help protect the teeth from cavities. It is important to have regular dental hygiene treatments as they help to prevent cavities, gum disease and other oral health issues.

What other things may happen during a dental cleaning?

Professional dental cleaning is more than just a standard tooth cleaning. In addition to removing plaque and tartar, a dental hygienist will also check for signs of gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer. If they have concerns about the health of your teeth or jaw bone, they may also recommend X-rays to check for any problems that can't be seen with the naked eye.   

How can I prepare for your dental cleaning appointment?

Here are some steps that may help you to prepare for your dental cleaning appointment:

Note any dental issues

Before you visit the dentist, you should note any dental issues you have been experiencing, such as pain or bleeding gums. Informing your dentist of these issues will help them to provide appropriate treatment.

Wear comfortable clothing

It is possible that you will be sitting in the dental chair for a long period of time, so it is important to wear clothes that won't make you feel uncomfortable.

Prepare questions

Before the appointment, you should prepare any questions you may have for your dentist or hygienist. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how best to care for your teeth and gums. 

Professional dental cleanings help you to maintain good oral health. For more info, contact your dentist today. They will be happy to book you in for an appointment.